The Jewellery Care Guide

A woman’s jewellery box reflects her personality and carries within the creations she will treasure forever. But, now more than ever, it’s important that the contents of one’s jewellery box are carefully preserved and kept away from germs and hindrances that may damage them. Here are a few simple, at-home tips to keep germs away from your precious jewels.

Clean Jewellery at Home with Ease

  • Wearing your jewellery while washing your hands may damage them. They may lose their lustre and it’s important that you wash the germs underneath them as well..
  • Prolonged exposure to light and heat can have a negative effect on your jewellery. Certain gemstones are especially vulnerable to heat, while other jewels might bleach under the sun. Excessive heat can also fracture gems or create tiny cracks.
  • Your precious jewels must be stored separately for their shine to last longer. Keep them in an airtight box, or in a zip-lock bag to keep them clean and away from germs!
  • Your Kundan Polki and Open Polki jewellery are delicate, and they must be kept away from moisture or water. Clean them only using a soft cloth and gently wipe its surface to keep it dazzling!
  • Perfumes can cause considerable damage to your jewels. Make sure that your jewels aren’t exposed to it.
  • Never use detergent, soap, toothpaste etc to clean your gold jewellery.
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